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Sunderland: A Font of Sensational Sound Bites

by domfell

When it comes to drama, entertainment and excitement, the football world has it all in spades. From players throwing a hissy fit to managers making gaffes in the media, football offers an interesting break from the norm virtually every day of the week.
Naturally, some teams produce more drama than most and it's usually the teams that are caught in a constant struggle between success, failure and expectation. One club that's caught in this vicious dynamic is Sunderland. Bred in the heartland of the North East, a region known for its passion for all things football, Sunderland is a club that's always on the verge of praise or hatred.
This amount of passion stirred up by fans often inspires a huge amount of passion in the players, moreover the manager, and that, in turn, leads to a plethora of stories and headlines. Indeed, when you log into an online football portal such as Betfair, news on Sunderland will literally bombard you from all sides.
Sunderland is a Well of Entertainment
From the latest transfers in and out to the latest injury news, Sunderland is one of those clubs that seems to capture the football community's attention. Regardless of whether the club is performing on the pitch or not, there always seems to be something to talk about on the Tyne and Wear.
Because of this ability to generate headlines, Sunderland's finest managers have given us plenty of ammunition over the years when it comes to quirky quotations. Indeed, since the club has something of a revolving door policy when it comes to managers, there has been plenty of scope for some superb sound bites and we've managed to pull out five of the best from the last few years.
Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce was a North East lad (although he regretted joining Sunderland) but that couldn't stop him from making a monumentally inaccurate prediction during his first Tyne-Wear derby when referencing an aging Titus Bramble.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of Bruce's quirky quotes as he also showed an impressive aptitude for mathematics during his time as a manager when he masterfully stated that when you put two and two together you, unsurprisingly, get four.
Roy Keane

As bold in his managerial hot seat as he was on the pitch, Keane certainly didn't pull any punches when he was Sunderland's manager. Probably his most famous comment was when he likened half the squad to Abba fans and suggested that it was half their "bloody problem" when they were underperforming.
Naturally, Sunderland's finest wasn't the only target for Keane's frustrations as a manager. FIFA Vice President Jack Warner also received a tongue lashing from the fiery Irishman when he called into question his position within FIFA by calling him a clown.
Paolo Di Canio

When it comes to speaking his mind with a certain touch of flair, Di Canio was the master and during his time at Sunderland he managed to come out with some crackers. In fact, even after his departure the fiery Italian has managed to make the headlines with his Sunderland comments.
As well as comparing a trip to Villa Park to a trip to the theatre, the Italian also gave his players some salient dietary advice when he publically told them that they "can’t have every day things like mayonnaise, ketchup and coke" if they want to perform at the highest level.
If you're looking for a seemingly never-ending well of drama and quotes, then Sunderland FC is always a great place to look. Through a combination of articulate (or inarticulate as the case may be) managers and passionate fans, the club has become a veritable well of entertainment over the years.

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