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The Best Ever Quotes from this Premier League's Top Players

Sometimes if you want to predict what a player will do on the pitch, you need to look at what they have said off the pitch. The 2019-2020 Premier League is looking set to defy expectation, with the odds showing that many of the frontrunning clubs from last year will be languishing far below the top four this time around.

The standout players from the season so far have been a mix of seasoned legends and hot-shot newcomers, each with their own distinct attitudes and philosophies towards their craft and the industry they represent. If you want to get to know this season's star players a little bit better as the Premier League approaches the halfway point, read on to find out their best quotes.

Mohamed Salah: "Always believe in your ability and in your goals. This is the only way you will be able to reach them"

This quote about always believing in your goalscoring abilities has certainly rung true this season, with Salah managing to secure a whopping nine goals for Liverpool so far, despite suffering from a fairly serious ankle injury for the entirety of the season. It's clear that Klopp would rather see Salah save his self-belief for later on, given that in the latest Premier League betting news there have been reports that he has been continually benched and looks set to sit out the next few fixtures until he's on top form.

Raheem Sterling: "Forget what everyone else says. I know what I want to do and what I need to improve on. Nobody needs to tell me"

Raheem Stirling is started to look like Man City's ace in the hole, given that he is rapidly making a name for himself as the top performer in the League, despite a lacklustre performance last year. This quote deftly illustrates Stirling's ambition and his determination to shake off a mediocre past to become one of the shining stars of the League.

Kevin De Bruyne: "I always like to assist more than scoring, it gives me a feeling I cannot explain"

Another nugget of wisdom from a Man City rising star. De Bruyne may have demonstrated his credentials when it comes to goals and attempts, but it's obvious that successful assists are his forte. This quote about his preference for assists is certainly supported by the facts, given that Kevin De Buyne currently ranks first in the League for the number of successful goal assists pulled off.

Tammy Abraham: "When the gaffer believes in you, there is nothing better"

Chelsea's Tammy Abraham has been eager to earn Frank Lampard's faith, especially since a fairly disappointing start to the season in their match against Man United. As this quote attests, Abraham has well and truly won the gaffer over. Despite the lacklustre beginnings, Abraham has been pulling goals out of the bag on a regular basis, with his hat-trick against the Wolves being one for the history books.
These prescient quotes tell us a lot about the most important figures in the League right now. Whether their future performance will continue to match their wise words remains to be seen.

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