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The enigma of Maurizio Sarri in quotes

Maurizio Sarri is a somewhat of a football enigma. Working as a banker while playing amateur football then coaching, he only landed his first Serie B job at Pescara in 2005.

Rising through the managerial ranks through outstandingly innovative coaching, priding himself on dogmatically sticking to his footballing beliefs – fellow elite coaches now hold him in such high regard.

In 2018, former manager AC Milan manager and tactical genius Arrigo Sacchi has praised the style employed by Sarri's Napoli side, saying it was "the most important thing seen in Italy in the last 20 years".

Sarri is revered by his peers and they are typically never shy when lauding the Italian with praise, so here at Soccer Quotes we’ve picked out some lines from the game’s most respected figures that underline what a one-off Sarri is.

The chain-smoking manager turned Dries Mertens from a skilful, nippy winger, to a clinical forward at the heart of Napoli’s high-octane 2016/17 season in which he scored 28 goals in 34 Serie A games. Clearly, he made an impression of Mertens and rightly so, they played some of the best football Europe has seen in decades:

“Sarri taught me football, we’re led by a commandant who has changed everyone’s life. Sarri has transferred to us his way of understanding football, a philosophy which distinguishes us from the others and which allows us to express our game in the best way” Mertens said.

Pep Guardiola, another man lauded for evolving the game with his stunning all-conquering Barcelona side, gushed when his Manchester City outfit faced Napoli in the Champions League.

“I have no doubts that Sarri is one of the best managers out there,” Guardiola proclaimed. “He achieved something incredible with Napoli. His style of football is as good as a drink in the sun.”

Guardiola is currently streaks ahead of Sarri’s Chelsea when you consider the Premier League betting on William Hill, but he went on to claim that Napoli were one of the greatest teams he has faced and will face in his entire career.

Maurizio Sarri Tutup Pintu Keluar untuk Thibaut Courtois dan Eden Hazard

"Maurizio Sarri Tutup Pintu Keluar untuk Thibaut Courtois dan Eden Hazard" by PJB PRO ( )

Sarrismo, Sarriball or whatever you want to call it, the ruthless attacking football clearly leaves a lasting impression – even on those who didn’t care for Guardiola’s Tikki Takka.

Champions League winning coach Fabio Capello praised Sarri for revitalising football from its pass-heavy, patient build-up style:
“After Ajax there was Sacchi’s Milan, then Guardiola, who rather sent football to sleep. Fortunately, now we’ve got Sarri, who can wake football up again.”'

This praise is intriguing, as Capello was a far more pragmatic coach during his esteemed time in the game – yet still recognises Sarri’s brilliance and the excitement he brings to the field.

Sarri is without doubt one of the world’s elite coaches, respected by his peers and widely garnering plaudits wherever he plies his trade. He is a true coach with an inventive mind and, given the right personnel can transform a side into a formidable free-flowing unit.

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